Thread rolling offers several advantages over other forms of threading; some advantages are a stronger thread, better finish, consistent size and economy.


  We are capable of rolling most common threads in both ferrous and nonferrous, heat-treated and non heat-treated metals. Our four thread rolling machines have the capacity to roll threads as small as # 4-40 to 2+ inches in diameter and a maximum length of 5.7 inches.

  We precision grind our thread roll blanks to maintain a uniform size and a high quality

finish during the thread rolling process assuring our customers of a high quality precise thread.

  We use precision Johnson Thread Gage equipment that is calibrated annually, in their facility, to maintain accuracy and reliability; this assures our customers their threaded parts will meet their requirements.

Here is the thread roll chart outlining the specs we offer.

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  Our precision grinding facility is equipped to grind both ferrous and nonferrous materials. We are certified to grind high heat-treat alloys above 240 KSI as well as hard chrome plated aerospace parts.

  We have manual, automatic, and CNC grinding capabilities with in process gauging that measures each part as it is being ground to assure our customers of consistent high quality parts.

Our stand-alone gauging allows us to measure the size, finish and other characteristics to meet stringent print tolerances and requirements.

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